My Favourite JAMZAC submissions!


Hey Guys Denzil Here,

If you read my last blog post, you'll know I'm very picky about my online submissions.

A submission is supposed to show you have the ability to display difficulty, execution, flow and creativity in a freerunning 'line' in an enviroment that accompanies parkour and freerunning (parkour gyms and spots outdoors). That's exactly what I want to see, and because I like watching good submission I've been on the hunt for my top 10 submissions.

Each submission liked here is what I think is a good JAMZAC submission and will include a brief sentence explaining why. (These are both youth and adult submissions) These ARE NOT in any particular order. 

If you want to watch these videos simply click the name and it will redirect you to the video

10. Alex Pearson 

The Dunedin local made a prime submission using moves that're freerunning specific (Hang casts and gingers) the use of tricks off objects, on and off walls and from bars are more beneficial than basic flat tricks. The wide variety of tricks to flow combos has done well for him, a well rounded submission Alex!

9. Steel Gao

Steel is commonly know for having every twist under the sun on lock, he displays this and his obvious competence at side pre's in his submission, a real difficulty and execution submission his high level tricks mixed in with his 'half pipe style' back and forth runs. Steel not only displays freerunning difficulty but equivalent difficulty with his parkour as well showing large jumps and Kong pres. 

8. Jackson Holdaway

The first youth on my list, Jackson has shown us his significant progression with this submission, utilising that tricking pasha-esque style, Jackson throws combos focusing on creativity and flow using intricate dance-y moves to his advantage. Tonnes of steeze, dope submission Jackson!

7. Seven Moeke

Commonly dubbed "The Maori Pasha" for his steeze and creativity, Seven shows us once again why hes given his name sake. You can tell he's been levelling up his parkour but what astounds me the most is his flipping repertoire, his flips while high level are amazingly controlled, overall an amazing submission with execution, flow and creativity being the highlight!


6. Jared Billyard

Another Youth and Pro-Motion Member, Jared is Tearing up! His submission full of the high level wall and ledge tricks Dunedin is famous for. Using a wide variety of tricks and lots of swing through gainers, Jared submission in full of difficulty and flow, nicely done Jared you're a serious competitor!

5. Jai Miller

What would this list be without a Team Hysteria boy? Jai's submission has well rounded runs with a mix of parkour and freerunning skills, all of them combination of good execution and high difficulty with double twists and hat switching at 29 seconds? besides the airtrack clip a really nice submission and a definite example of what online qualification should look like!

4. Taylor Bell

Taylor has taken a break from his roid-raged callisthenics to bring a nostalgic submission. He utilises his Russian style and creativity that he's been well known for to put together some well rounded and flowy runs. Even with taking time from freerunning he still presents us a clean and controlled submission.

3. Tom Mitchem

another one of the three Hysteria boys, Toms well rounded submission is dope. Again besides the use of a airtrack clip this is a really good submission, with high difficulty and good execution with beautiful flow its good to see Tim giving equivalent difficulty with his hops combining them in runs with his steezy flips. Tom is definitely gonna be a good youth competitor!

2. Matt DeVries

Matt is never far from a situation where he does something ridiculously hard and makes it look natural. The same can be said for his submission, utilising the Team Aura signature gangs style to shrug off some of Auckland largest jumps and throwing in some heavy flips, a definite perfect example of equivalent difficulty, matt ticks the flow, difficulty and executions boxes without breaking a sweat!

1. Cody Veenvliet

A pro-motion heavy hitter, Cody's submission includes many high level wall and bar tricks, many that the majority of athletes in the NZ scene don't have. Combining high difficulty and execution for days Cody proves to be a power house and a definite tough to-beat in youth comp!

Anyone you think I missed off my list? Leave us a link

Keep eyes out for more stuff leading up to the comp!

April 06, 2017 by Denzil Hogan